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Hirako Shinji: Serious and Ready to Fight by NateParedes44

First off i'd like to say i like the lines, though they are lacking some variation in thickness but they are still good! now, i dont know anything about bleach so im just judging on art alone. If he is commencing a fight, this should be much more dynamic, with action lines! shock lines! etc. its supposed to be fast-paced isnt it? also the position of the mask, his hand, his body and his face all kind of look like they were drawn in separate angles and dont flow well together. its a really awkward pose. i think the mask may be making the hand and the face awkward because without it they work amazing! I have a friend who submitted his work to shonen jump japan. and they told him the same thing - their suggestion tho, was to look at yourself in the mirror doing the same pose and practice off of that ! :>
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NateParedes44 Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank you, I will try to improve!!! :D
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